Product Swap: Toxic Tampons

Panty Liners and Tampons and Toxins – Oh My!

Females use a ton of feminine hygiene products during our lifetime. In fact, we use around 16,000 tampons on average over the span of 38-ish years. A lot of us might not even think about the quality of our tampons or the ingredients they're made with, but when you stop to think about what these products are coming in contact with, it seems silly not to consider what they're made of. The ugly truth is: companies aren't actually made to tell you what's in these products; the very same products we're inserting into our vaginas and wearing in our underwear against our most sensitive skin. What's even more frightening is the fact that even the ingredients they DO disclose are absolute crap. So, if that's the case, then how terrible are the ingredients they aren't telling us about?

After I gave birth to Baby Aaron, I had to wear a pad pretty much constantly to deal with the bleeding. I was absolutely dreading this, because anytime I'd worn pads in the past they irritated my seriously sensitive skin really quickly and made me absolutely miserable. Luckily, during my pregnancy, when I was detoxifying all of my products, I switched to Seventh Generation pads when I got to that point in pregnancy where the discharge is out of control. I was surprised to find that these ones never irritated my skin, and after my pregnancy when I had to have one on 24/7, I still managed with zero skin irritation. Why? Because their products aren't full of chlorine bleach and other horrible, toxic crap. The crazy thing is, most women have no clue what their tampons and pads are made out of, and because of that a lot of them suffer skin irritation and other adverse effects from using brands like Always.

So, what's my recommendation? Toss out your Tampax pearls and swap them for a better, cleaner option; an option that comes with ingredient transparency. My favorite clean alternative is Seventh Generation Free and Clear Tampons or Panty Liners. These have been a godsend to me both during and after my pregnancy, and even now as I get back into having a menstrual cycle again after giving birth.

Click here to check out my Toss-it-Tuesday social media post about swapping out your feminine hygiene products.

My second recommendation is to spread the word. Tell other women not to use tampons that don't come with 100% ingredient transparency or ones that list harmful, toxic chemicals or materials on the label. We have a right to know what's in our products.

To learn more about this, head over to the #GenerationGood website. Use the hashtag #ComeClean to support the cause.

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