As someone who only was able to get pregnant after changing my lifestyle and adopting a more mindful, cleaner way of living, I'm a huge advocate for mindful parenting. If you don't know what the term "mindful parenting" means, it simply means paying attention to what we put into our kids' bodies, what goes on their skin, what toys they play with, they attitude they have, and how we can contribute to their nurturing and growth in the best ways possible.

This is where you'll find my posts on being a mindful mama. What clean baby products do I use? What are the best developmental toys for babies and kids? How does our own attitude affect our children and who they become? Join me as I navigate this crazy world of parenting while trying to offer the very best to my son in the process.


My First Experience Being Judged as a Parent

My Journey to Mindful Parenting When I became pregnant there was one thing I knew for sure: I wanted to… Continue Reading My First Experience Being Judged as a Parent
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