My Hospital Bags

Luckily, I started prepping for my hospital stay and what I'd pack in my hospital bag fairly early. I read article after article about what to take with you when you're having a scheduled c-section, made a ton of lists of what items I wanted to take, and set out all of the baby clothes and other items I wanted to have with us for Aaron. So, despite the fact that my water broke eleven days before my c-section was scheduled, I was already pretty prepared. All Matt and I had to do was wash a few loads of laundry and put everything in our bags.

Our hospital diaper bag, all packed.
Packing our bags to leave for the hospital!

I had one bag for all of my clothes, toiletries, and little comforts. Another bag included all of Aaron’s clothes and things like receiving blankets. Our third bag was full of diapers, formula, burping cloths, diaper cream, and other baby care items. Our fourth and final bag was filled with Matt’s clothes and other things he needed to prepare to spend 4+ days with us in the hospital. Out of our four bags, three of them we used were new diaper bags, so I'm going to be showing you those and linking to where you can find them. I'll also be linking to my the all-natural toiletries I took with me, the formula we packed, Aaron's diapers and wipes, my organic pads, and a few other items you might want to get for yourself.

Hospital Bag One-My Bag

Hospital Bag Two-Aaron's Clothing Bag

Carter's Diaper Bag
Carter's Aztec Diaper Bag-Used to pack Aaron's clothes

Hospital Bag Three-Aaron's Feeding and Changing Bag

Eddie Bauer Diaper Bag
Eddie Bauer Diaper Bag-Aaron's Feeding and Changing Bag

Hospital Bag Four-Matt's Bag

Eddie Bauer Backpack Diaper Bag
Eddie Bauer Backpack Diaper Bag-Matt's Hospital Bag and His Diaper Bag for Aaron


  • Pillows
  • Knit blanket from our couch
  • My Computer
  • Computer Charger
  • Bottles of Water
  • Insurance cards, forms, etc.

All in all, I’d say I’m happy with what we packed for the hospital. After we’d been home for a day or two, I told Matt I was planning to write this blog post and he asked me if there was anything I would change or add to our hospital bags now that I’d experienced everything once. Honestly, I can’t really think of anything. I had everything I wanted and I felt as comfortable as I could after being sliced open and having an 8lb person removed from my abdomen. I’m thankful for all of the research I did prior to going, and I’m glad that I had at least somewhat prepared ahead of time. Even though Aaron came early and not everything was washed and packed, the fact that I had already decided what I was going to pack and knew where all of it was and how it would fit in the bags was immensely helpful.

Another thing I feel is important to say is that, even though everyone will tell you “Oh, the hospital provides diapers, clothing, formula, bottles, and other essentials.” I really did like having our own stuff. All of our nurses told us not to “waste” our diapers, formula, and baby clothes, but I enjoyed dressing Aaron in his own clothes and getting him used to the diapers and formula we planned to use at home. Of course, I understand that not everyone can afford to pass up free diapers and baby formula, but if you can forego using what the hospital provides in favor of what baby will be using at home, I say go for it. It helped us all get into a routine that we could continue as we went back home four days later.

Check out the links in this post to shop some of the items I took with me to the hospital. You'll find everything from my body wash and toothpaste to Aaron's first pack of onsies and his organic diapers. These items are all things we picked out because we believed they were the best products for us to use with Aaron, and none of the products here are sponsored or advertisements. I genuinely like these products and believe that they are the best choices for my family and I. If you have any questions about the products or brands I use or why I use them, let me know in a comment or email. I believe that what we wear, eat, and put on our bodies is vital to our health, so I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have or provide guidance in helping you choose the products that are best for you and your family!

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