From a Infertility to a Healthy Pregnancy: Part 3

Unexpected Results

Though there were a lot of health benefits to my new diet that I saw pretty much right away, there was a lot more that didn’t come until later. The first unexpected benefit was sudden weight loss. After a few months of my new diet, I started losing my extra weight fast. It started melting off, a few pounds each week-almost as if it was never really meant to be there to begin with. That first year we were together was hard. It was littered with financial struggles, relationship hurdles, and some of it was plagued by my continued fight with addiction. So, though we were eating well, we didn’t really do much physical activity. We worked in offices and we lived in a tiny four room apartment that barely fit our stuff in it. Our evening activities usually consisted of cuddling on the couch watching Netflix or sitting side by side reading our respective books.

And yet, the excess weight I’d gained years before continued to melt away. Every few weeks my clothes would be bigger on me, my energy level would be higher. I was losing weight so quickly and efficiently, we were barely able to go out to buy me new clothes before I needed to go down another size or two. By the end of the first year I had lost 80% of the extra weight I’d been carrying around, and I was still losing. On top of that, I was actually becoming healthier. My metabolism was speeding up and becoming more efficient, my Fibromyalgia got increasingly bearable, and my previously cursed digestive system was finally functioning as it was meant to.

The next unexpected thing that happened occurred just a little after Matt and I started our second year together, and my second year eating this way. After decades of outrageously irregular periods, painful clotting, and horrible nausea during menstruation, I suddenly started having a regular period. First, the clotting and sickness stopped. Not long after, I started getting a period every single month, like clockwork. I was eventually even able to estimate when my period would begin and end, because my cycle became that reliable. I was happy that my period was no longer an unpredictable source of pain and annoyance, but I never really thought about what it meant for my reproductive system as a whole. A little less than one year later, I found out.

October rolled around, and I'd learned that my period generally came around the 15th of the month, so during the second week of October I expected to see it show up on or around that day. Over a week later, I started to wonder if something was wrong. My period hadn't been a n-show in about a year, but I didn't think too much about it. After all, my reproductive system never worked right, it wasn't right. I ended up getting what I assumed was the beginning of my period, but the bleeding was light and only happened on one day. This is when I started to get suspicious. This one-day bleeding coupled with a new nausea I'd previously been attributing to my new job and busy schedule made me wonder. At first I dismissed the idea outright; there was no way I could be pregnant. But, as the end of October grew close and my lack of a period and other symptoms persisted, I decided it was worth mentioning.

Matt suggested getting a pregnancy test-the obvious thing to do in this situation, but I resisted at first. There was no way I could possibly be pregnant, so why bother? Why spend the money on a pregnancy test for no reason. Over the next week, my symptoms got worse and one day I decided that it was time to take the test. I assumed it would be negative, so I simply grabbed one on my lunch break one day and did it in the bathroom at work. I sent Matt a Skype message beforehand, just to let him know I'd decided to take the test. So, a little later, when I saw a blue plus sign on the test I was kicking myself for being so nonchalant about the whole thing. I ended up telling him the test was positive via Skype in the middle of the day while we were both at work.

I was pregnant. And, not only that, but I was immensely healthy and so was my growing baby. For the majority of my pregnancy I worried about how smoothly things were going. Were the Doctors missing something? Shouldn't I be having problems or complications? Shouldn't there be things to worry about? But, the fact was, all the changes I'd made over the past few years had not only helped me to lose weight and get in the absolute best shape of my entire life, but they had also helped to heal my reproductive system and reverse my infertility. My pregnancy wasn't a fluke or a happy miracle, it was the result of actual healing and the reversal of a condition that isn't supposed to be reversible or curable.

After I realized what I had accomplished, I couldn't help but want to share my story and experiences with others. I see women everywhere suffering with infertility and conditions like PCOS, endometriosis, PMDD, and other terrible reproductive conditions that affect fertility, health, and so much more. I see women getting major surgeries, spending thousands on fertility treatments, and following horrible fad diets in the hopes of one day conceiving and it absolutely breaks my heart. It makes me sad, because I remember thinking the only way I could ever get pregnant was via one of those routes, and I know now it doesn't have to be that way.

from infertility to a healthy pregnancy
My third trimester bump!

I'm living proof that certain specific dietary changes and living a cleaner and more natural life can improve your fertility and reproductive health. It isn't a scam or a trend; I'm not going to make anyone buy hundreds of dollars worth of silly "vitamin supplements" or make you do off-the-wall exercises meant to strengthen your uterus or whatever else. I'm simply going to share with all of you what I did and what my research has found has an actual basis in anatomy and science. I hope that my story can help inspire others struggling with infertility to start changing their lives and improve their reproductive health. Soon, I'll be introducing a variety of ways you can start on your own healthy journey, but if you want information right away or would like to sign up for a personalized plan for fertility or weight loss, just send me an email at and I'll get back to you asap!

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