Making Shopping Simple

One of the most difficult things about changing my entire diet was the transition. What would I eat? Where would I find it? What could I prepare at home and what would I find when I was out at a restaurant? Luckily, I had Matt by my side through my entire process, so I had it pretty easy. Transitioning is difficult. It's so difficult, in fact, that a lot of people will give up after starting a new way of eating just because they can't quite get through the transitioning and adjustment period. It's hard to find what's best for your body and lifestyle.

I know that my meal plans will probably ask a lot of you. They'll require you to give up things you've probably eaten or drank your whole life. That's a hard thing on it's own, and finding the right alternatives for those things can be even harder. That's why I decided to include shopping lists both as part of my meal plans and here on the blog to help guide you through your transition period!

Shopping Lists
Making the Perfect Grocery List

Transitioning to a New Diet can be Rough

Take a look through some of my shopping lists in this section, or contact me via email at to learn about the lists that go with my specific, goal-oriented, and personalized meal plans. You can reach me.


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