Meal Planning for Fertility, Weight Loss, and Overall Better Health!

One of the most important things I learned throughout my health journey is that crash diets, counting calories, and agonizing over a piece of cake is all absolute bullshit. I did that for YEARS. After I gained all of my excess weight all I did was diet, count calories, follow weird fad diets, pay absurd amounts of money for supplements and chalky milkshakes, and absolutely none of it ever really helped. And, anything that did help was reversed as soon as I stopped rigorously following whatever outrageous plan I was on at the time.

Do my meal plans require you to make changes? Yes, absolutely. And, for a lot of you these changes might seem insane or even impossible. But, I'm never going to ask you to count calories, you won't be replacing your meals with any shakes or supplements, you won't require a vigorous workout routine to see results, and you won't have to freak out about a piece of cake. All of my meal plans focus on a few main factors: clean eating, cutting out dairy and crappy proteins like red meat and pork, having plenty of fruits and veggies, and not overeating. But, other than that, you can totally eat cake or ice cream (as long as it's dairy free, of course!) and you don't have to count every calorie, french fry, or carbohydrate that goes into your body!

It might not seem like much, but it matters a lot. I used to HATE food, I hated eating, I hated even thinking about eating. Now, food is my friend. I love trying new things, exploring new recipes, and knowing that I don't have to worry about what the food I'm eating may do to my body. What I eat now healed my body and got rid of a disease any Dr. will tell you is permanent. I went from being overweight, in pain, and infertile to losing over 180lbs and not only conceiving, but having an absolutely healthy pregnancy with no sign of ovarian cysts or ovary malfunction anywhere in my body!

My Meal Plans

This is where you'll find all of my meal plans! These are designed to help you plan your own diet and daily eating habits based on the specific goal you're working towards. You will have the option to choose from one of my free meal plans, have a personalized one created just for you, or get one of my goal-oriented full plans.

Plan Options and What's Included

My free meal plans will include a daily meal planning, recipes, and some shopping ideas.

Personalized meal plans will include personalized daily meal planning, personalized recipes, goal-oriented food options, personalized shopping lists, a guide to transitioning to a new diet, coordinated exercise plans, and one-on-one coaching.

My goal-oriented meal plans will include daily meal planning, recipes, goal-oriented food options, shopping lists, a guide to transitioning to a new diet, coordinated exercise plans, and one-on-one coaching.

Goal Oriented Meal Plans

  • Fertility Plan
  • Weight Loss Plan 1
  • Weight Loss Plan 2
  • Weight Loss Plan 3
  • Better Health Plan

Get Your Meal Plan!

You can find all of my free meal plans right here, as well as extra tips, tricks, guides, and a ton of other fun meal planning content!

If you would like to request a personalized meal plan, or you want to purchase one of my full goal-oriented plans, please get in touch with me at and we'll work together to get you started! I can't wait to go with you on your own healthy food journey!


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