Who is The Domesticated Junkie?

I'm a late-twenties veganish yogi and recovering addict who beat infertility through a clean lifestyle and healthy habits. I'm a mommy to an adorable miracle baby boy named Aaron and the future wife of an amazing guy named Matt. We live in a 101 year old house in Canton, Ohio with our flat-coat retriever, Sadie.

The Domesticated Junkie website and blog was created to share my story and help others. Three years ago I was stuck at nearly 300lbs, in pain constantly, and infertile. After meeting Matt I made changes to my eating habits and lifestyle that resulted in my losing over 100lbs, reducing my chronic pain, and reversing my infertility. My pregnancy inspired me to learn more about how I was able to accomplish what I had, and what I found out made me realize that other women could accomplish the same results as I did if they knew how. I decided to incorporate that with my love of homemaking, clean living, fashion and beauty, and health to create a resource for other women.

This website is your resource for lifestyle, health, fertility, parenting, and homemaking. I'll also be offering special plans for those battling infertility or looking to lose weight and become healthier that will incorporate what to eat, what to do, and how to make the changes necessary to live a healthy and clean life.

Check back for weekly blog posts and follow me on social media to receive updates on my blog and upcoming fertility and weight loss plans, to access exclusive social-only content, and to follow along with my continuing journey.

Weekly Social Content

Mommy Monday: New mommy and baby gear, the best products for life with a baby, and parenting advice and resources.

Toss-It Tuesday: Clean product swaps! Looking for a replacement for that toxic, smelly kitchen cleaner or laundry detergent? You'll find all types of clean product swaps on my social media channels every Tuesday. Keep your home, family, and life clean and safe!

Weight Loss Wednesday: Weight loss transformations, recipes, eating tips, yoga routines, and more!

Try-It Thursday: Testing out new products; from natural beauty products to baby gear, and letting you know what I think! Brands who want their products tested out and reviewed can contact me via email to inquire.

Fertility Friday: Tips, tricks, and inspiration for battling infertility and improving your overall reproductive health through natural means.


You're probably wondering what the deal is with the whole "veganish" thing, right? Well, basically, I needed a name for the type of diet I follow. Labeling everything may be annoying, but sometimes they're your best bet when it comes to describing something to other people. That was the case with this; I could never fully or accurately communicate what it was I'd done to lose so much weight and completely cure my infertility. I found that the best way to communicate the diet part of the equation was to describe it as something akin to veganism, but not quite, because I still ate fish, eggs, and honey. And, that is how the term "veganish" came into play.

That being said, I think it's important to stress that my diet and the diet that I recommend to others isn't about adhering to any specific label or following any specific food or diet trend, it's about being healthy. This means that, no, I don't want to hear about how eating eggs and honey is a slap-in-the-face to all things vegan. I don't want to be lectured on the rights of honey bees, and I don't want to be judged based on your idea of the right diet or the right way to follow any certain diet. Want to send me information about a certain food or food group relating to health or fertility? You can absolutely do that, I'm always open to finding and looking into new information. But, as of right now, the diet I follow is the best for my body, reproductive health, and overall health and I will continue to offer to teach other women who want to lose weight and beat infertility the same diet.

Diet Plans and Coaching

I'm going to be offering a few different meal plans and one-on-one coaching for those looking to lose weight, heal PCOS, or battle infertility. In the coming weeks I'll be introducing my different plan options, many of which will include personalized meal plans, shopping lists, work-out regimens, and coaching. To learn more about the plans I'll be offering, keep checking my blog or follow me on social media.

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